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With M/S. ZAMAN ENTERPRISE. Its a biggest E-Waste recycling company in Bangladesh

Welcome to M/S. Zaman Enterprise


We began our journey in 2016 with the vision of becoming one of the leading service providers in the recycle business in Bangladesh. In course of time the organization has earned reliability, capability and enhances its operation in other sectors.

From the day, M/S. Zaman Enterprise aims to at all times maintain the upmost levels of service for our customers and strives to place itself at the forefront. Our Company “M/S. Zaman Enterprise”, Located in Jalalabad machineries iron market, 440, Muradpur, Jurain, Dhaka and is currently operating under the following trade license number as 0530078 from 2019-2020 and our All legal Documents are keeping always Up to Date.

Our Company “M/S. Zaman Enterprise” is an Electronic waste recycling based company. Since we collect disposal networking equipments. We are also Dealing, Buying & Re-selling old used disposal goods since long normally. We are bidding for Scrap, Scrap Steel, Scrap Cable, Feeder Cable, Materials, Plastic Scrap, Air condition, Generator, Computer, Printers, Furniture, Fixers, Electric, Electronics and other household item etc. The satisfaction of our clients, at our services, inspires us to involve in other business sector. As the Telecommunication Industry has immense prospect, we decided to render our service in the Telecommunication Sector with full concentration.

We basically aim to conduct tasks like dismantling of various types of telecom equipments, Like as Network frequency equipment, Non Frequency equipments, Scrap, Battery, Cable, office items, furniture & fixture items etc. We collect different sorts of items, extract items through environment friendly manner, we supply wastes such as metal, iron, plastic etc to legally approved companies by the Bangladesh Government rules for final recycling. Our activities are carried out in eco-friendly way and designed to prevent any harmful impact on the environment.

We are specializing in separate and segregate of Scrap, old, unused and unserviceable Telecom Equipment like Telecommunication transmission and distribution equipments, Exchanges both analogue and digital. We do not crush; we make separate all component and material as raw material of relevant industry to keep our earth green.

While Telecoms equipment will always need upgrades due to advances in technology. Therefore all the agencies need to dispose their existing equipment. Because it takes space to hold, some time it spread pollution and finally its burden.

We believe in a greener Bangladesh. A cleaner, greener planet is good for us all. At M/S. Zaman Enterprise, we are working to make a difference to the environment within our industry and our communities. The only way we can achieve this goal is by reducing our carbon footprint. Metal recycling is the way forward for reducing our carbon footprint. With our work, we endeavor to contribute to a greener and safer Bangladesh for our current and future generations.

We are always responsive and contribute to reduce negative impact on environmental pollution. Every day we practice this and try our clients for better lives.

Fire Extinguisher dismantle permission Environment department

Our company is only one of the authorize company who dismantle the Fire Extinguisher by the permission of Bangladesh government rules of Environment department. We dismantle all Fire Extinguishers without cause any harm of the environment. We destroy the ABC dry chemical powder by the incineration method. Our company is a big recycle farm so everybody most welcome who wanted to recycle the E-waste for saving our environment.

M/S. ZAMAN ENTERPRISE Provide Services

  • To ensure Best E-Waste recycling company In Bangladesh.
  • We collect old /damages/unused all Electronic equipments.
  • We collect scrap items.
  • We collect network frequency equipment for recycling to save the earth.
  • We collect old /damages/unused house or office furniture items from various sites.
  • We collect Battery for recycling.
  • We collect IT equipments.
  • We collect DPDC Equipments by the set of Bangladesh Government rules.
  • We collect old /damages/unused mobile phone as a lot.
  • We collect obsolete Fair extinguisher for recycling.
  • We collect Generator.
  • To ensure net & clean E-Waste Bangladesh which cause harm
  • To establish a global standard E-waste recycling farm.
  • To establish a global standard business house dealing with solution of Telecom Equipment and other Electrical & mechanical Equipments Scrapping, Separation, Segregation and dismantle Works & Recycling.
  • To achieve the highest value for the company we work for.
  • Our First aim is to make a green field for the next generation by Recycling E- waste.

Occupational Health & Safety

M/S Zaman Enterprise will, as far as practicable, provide a safe work environment for the health, safety and welfare of our employees, contractors, visitors and members of the public who may be affected by our work.

To do this, M/S Zaman Enterprise will:

  • Consult with employees and health and safety reps on safety.
  • Provide protective clothing and equipment, and enforce its use.
  • Provide information and training for employees.
  • Assess all risks before work starts on new areas of operation, for example, buying new equipment and setting up new work methods, and regularly review these risks.
  • Develop and maintain safe systems of work, and a safe working environment.
  • Remove unacceptable risks to safety.
  • Provide employees and contractors with adequate facilities (such as clean toilets, cool and clean drinking water, and hygienic eating areas).
  • Ultimately, everyone at the workplace is responsible for ensuring health and safety at that workplace.

ISO integrated Management System

Our company “ZAMAN ENTERPRISES” is a certified by ISO 9001:2015; this is to certify that Quality Management system. We provide best quality ensure to the consumer to collect the best items as his/her basis need according to the rules and regulations of ISO Standard.

We are also certified by ISO 14001:2015, this is to certify that Environmental Management system. We are so much conscious about Environmental Management system so that we are always trying to keep net & clean our environment to build a green city for living the Earth.

And we are also certified by another ISO certificate that is ISO 45001:2018, this is to certify that occupational Health & Safety Management system.  We are so much serious about Health & Safety. So that we are always monitoring all of our stuff and provide training about Health & Safety issues according to the rules and regulations of ISO Standard.

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