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Our Strategy for Scrapping & Trading Business

Our company “M/S. ZAMAN ENTERPRISE” basically aims to conduct tasks like dismantling. We are specializing in separate and segregate of Scrap, old, unused and unserviceable Telecom Equipment like Mobile, Generator, Battery, Medical Equipment Network frequency & non frequency, Telecommunication transmission and distribution equipments, Exchanges both analogue and digital. We do not crush, we make separate & dismantle all component and material as raw material of relevant industry to keep our earth green.

M/S. Zaman Enterprise has a dedicated Implementation team to ensure the best possible service for the clients. Our first priority is service & security. So we are not compromising when comes to service & security.

Process of Scraping / disposing off the serviceable Telecom Equipment's are follows

First of all we will separate all the materials.
  • The materials available in the equipments are MS Steel, Copper, and Aluminum, Plastic, Circuit board, Battery, network frequency items and so on.
  • All metal parts will be given to the local re-rolling mills for recycling instead of some salvage value thereby our country will save some foreign currency as the local re-rolling mills mostly import their raw materials from abroad.
  • We will give the Circuit Board to Foreign Company who recycle the E-Waste.